• Professor lecturing in a classroom with students sitting in tiered rows of tables.
  • Three fountains in a reflecting pool surrounded by benches with a view of campus and the USC smokestack in the background.
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  • A student laughing while walking down the sidewalk.
  • Cocky with his arms stretched out on the football field with a crowd behind him.
  • American flag and SC state flag flying on front of President's residence on Historic Horseshoe.
  • Student holding peace signs smiling at friends.
  • Student wearing rollerskates hanging out at an event on Greene Street.
  • A crowd of students cheering in the stands at a football game.
  • A professor talks with two students while working on building robots with legos.
  • Two students walking through a patio on a beautiful spring day.
  • Two students going head to head under the basketball goal shooting the ball.
  • 向最好的人学习

    At South Carolina’s flagship university, curious minds have connected with leading experts for hundreds of years. Learn and work alongside world-class faculty within the state’s highest achieving learning community.


  • 学生笑着.
  • 让你的方式

    Our campus is a place of possibilities. Whether you want to enhance your personal and academic plans or build friendships based on pursuits you love, you can do that and more at South Carolina.


  • Students gathered at an outside table studying together with laptops and notebooks.
  • McKissic Museum sits at the top of the Historic Horseshoe with large columns and bet5365官网 - bet5365亚洲版 banners.
  • Student playing a large game of Connect Four at an outdoor event on Greene Street.
  • Looking over a researcher's shoulder pipetting into a small tube.
  • Stone pineapples sit atop a brick wall on the Historic Horseshoe.
  • Student at a lab bench swirling a yellow liquid in a beaker.
  • Two students studying at an outdoor table on a spring day.
Maxcy Monument on the Historic Horseshoe with the sun shining through the trees.

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Early applications are now open for the bet5365官网 - bet5365亚洲版. bet5365官网 for your place within our learning community now and prepare for an experience on which you can create your future.

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